Archimedes Pediatric Seizure Medications
No doubt we may use this
calculator as a quick dosage
look up when we face a child
with seizure.

We just wonder why
Midazolam is not included
in the list!
Archimedes' Pediatric Seizure Medications
Skyscape Archimedes
(Pediatric Seizure Medications)
Last Reviewed on October 25, 2007
Pda4peds Reviews
  • One of the useful calculators embedded in Skyscape Archimedes is the
    Pediatric Seizure Medications.
  • This is just a quick look up of an emergency anticonvulsant                             
    at the bedside.
  • It gives only dosages and nothing else.
  • This review is also categorized in the Calculators & Tools,                             
    ER, and Drugs categories.
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