• This is one of the most comprehensive medical podcasts provider ever available.
  • Several series provide clinical pediatric contents such as the "clinician's roundtable" and "focus on
    children's health"
  • The podcasts are so frequent so that they even provide a continuous live broadcast over the air via
    XM radio "Channel 160".
  • The pediatric series is enormously useful as it addresses commonly encountered issues in the form of
    discussions of recent literature and guidelines in an easy to understand and enjoyable thought
    provoking style of talk.
  • Well recognized hosts as well as high profile guests.
  • The subscription is absolutely free and there's a special iPhone app that will allow us to listen directly
    from our iPhone or iPod Touch obviating the need for a special XM radio receiver, moreover, there's
    no need for XM radio subscription to listen to the radio or the podcasts.
  • ReachMD not only provide podcasts but also we can earn CME credit after completing a few questions
    posted after the CME-eligible sessions.
Last Reviewed on June 21, 2009
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