Contemporary Pediatrics Radio as downloaded by NewsBreak
Last Reviewed on November 21, 2007
Contemporary Pediatrics Radio
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  • This is one of the most consistent pediatric podcasts available over
    the internet.
  • Nice interviews with pediatric experts discussing topics that matter for
    the practicing peds.
  • As it is the case with contemporary pediatrics the content is common
    daily practical questions like temper tantrums, vaccine refusals, toilet
    training and stuff that parents usually ask in the office.
  • The service is completely free though frequently interrupted by ads
    from GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Audio files are in the MP3 format and readily downloadable and can
    easily be fed into feeds enabled browsers.
  • For the PDA any feeds reader can easily retrieve the issues including
    the audio MP3 files (SEE IMAGE TO THE LEFT)
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