This great reference is summarized and delivered
to the
Pediatric Care Online PDA app as
Point-of-Care Quick Reference. So it is not available
in the native PDA application but it
is available in the wireless and online version of PCO.

Wonderful Unbound Medicine wireless website with excellent
cross linking and easy navigation and search.

Everything we wanted is available including images, references,
pubmed links, cross linking, and many more fantastic features.

Being a wireless website this book will for sure be updated frequently
e.g the chapter on febrile seizures already include a link
to the latest June recommendations of the AAP!

This textbook could be the first major reference to be available online
and for the PDA before being published in printed format!
This could reflects the AAP's vision to make it a dynamic updated future
ultimatum for all pediatricians.
AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care
Last Reviewed on October 25, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews

  • Finally a textbook from the AAP; this has long been awaited as it has been
    always awkward when we refer to Nelson or Forfar when we need to check a
    topic from an authoritative trusted textbook.
  • This is the final result of months of hard work and loads of high profile expert
    pediatricians world-wide.
  • This reference is the ultimate pediatric resource and the next years will prove
  • Luckily we can have it on the PDA via subscription to the Pediatric Care
    Online and then logging in to the wireless website or online.
  • Incredible resource, thank you AAP and thank you Unbound Medicine.
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