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Each disease is discussed in detail
from coding and general info to
clinicals to diagnosis to treatment
and most importantly the evidence
based or the bset possible
treatment with links to the
references and
guidelines that are cited.
Last Reviewed on May 21, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews
  • Acquired by EBSCO the leading publishing company in online information and
    databse Dynamed presents a revolution in the way we access medical
  • This huge database of medical information is available for the PDA in addition
    to its online existence.
  • The pediatric content is superb and is one of the most detailed and thorough
    references ever made available to the pediatric PDA user.
  • Not only diseases but also drugs and symptom topics though we wished to
    see labs and tests to make it most complete resource.
  • Dynamed is also categorized in Evidence Based Pediatrics and because its
    huge we also included it in other categories.
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