These two examples of the
several (promised to be many
in the future) resources

Navigations is designed into
basic sections of conference
highlights, clinical news, scientific
MobileCME links, and
resources. The latter being internal
Epocrates Dx and
external to various web
Epocrates Mobile Resource Centers
Last Reviewed on October 10, 2008

  • This is a brilliantly thought of idea.
  • Here we have diseases that are usually under focus and undergoing
    continuous updates and debates having been reviewed and highlighted by
    an expert in the field.
  • It is just like sharing ideas and experiences with an ADHD or diabetes
    professional, Isn't that fabulous!
  • The resources are adequately divided into sections and contain                     
    a good amount of pediatric content.
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The different resources reviewed
IBS & Constipation
Allergy & Asthma
There are other resources to be reviewed soon
Because Pda4peds reviews
applications in categories the different
resources were each reviewed in it's
own page.
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reviews of these different programs
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