There is main index and ICD code index both
making information access easy and quick.

The ability to add notes and the sections tab which enable
us to jump to the field that we want such as dx or Rx
makes this ebook an actual rapid pediatric
information look up tool.

They could have made this reference even better if they
linked the medications listed in the treatment
section to existing
Pediatric Lexi Drug in the bundle.
Lexi 5 Minutes Pediatric Consult
Last Reviewed on October 7, 2008

  • This famous pediatric reference is also included in the pediatric package of
    Lexi and is well presented and easily searched.
  • The reference offers quick look up of common pediatric problems with a signs
    and symptoms approach.
  • Each problem has basics, diagnosis, treatment, and a lovely FAQs field.
  • Also a full ICD-9 database is incorporated making it really useful in clinical
  • This ebook is so great that it is published by several other PDA software
    developers such as Skyscape and Unbound Medicine.
  • For further details of the Lexi pediatric bundle click on yellow link upper left.
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