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The search function can by topic
or by section as is the case
with all Unbound titles.

Topics are written for general
practitioners with emphasis on
common pediatric primary
care issues.

The reference is also interlinked
with the other references of Mobile
Merck Medicus namely the Pocket
Guide to Diagnostic Tests and
Harrison's (See Right).

  • The famous Merck Manual (professional edition) is available for the PDA from
    Unbound Medicine.
  • Although this textbook is not pediatric in essence but there is a very nicely
    written section of pediatrics that encompasses most of the major topics in
    general pediatrics.
  • The Merck Manual is available through the Mobile Merck Medicus                
    for free for US health care professionals.
Merck Manual by
Unbound Medicine
Last Reviewed on March 25, 2008
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