Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
PocketConsult installs itself as
eNews item of the Mobipocket
Reader which is very easy
to navigate and scroll.
One of the channels is the content
clipper which is displayed
here on the left.
The chapter 478 of the 17th
edition is added by checking the PDA
download in the NeslonPediatrics
website. See Right
Later on when
the device is synchronized the
content clipped to the
PocketConsult interface.
Very nice to have Nelson on
our hands but very unfortunate
not to have it all ! (
Read this Post)
Nelson Pediatrics Online
Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
Last Reviewed on August 23, 2007
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  • The Content Clipper channel of the PocketConsult allows download of
    excerpts and chapters from the Elsevier book that you are subscribed to its E
  • Fortunately one of these books is the famous Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.
    Needless to mention the powerful and historically famous ultimate pediatric
    reference compiled in Nelson.
  • In order to access the PDA version, you need to buy the print edition +
    activation code to access the book online, thereafter you can send your
    chosen chapters to your PocketConsult account.
  • Unfortunately it is impossible to retrieve the whole book because the channel
    can not be installed on a memory card and you end up filling your device
    memory without ever being able to "clip" the whole book, very sadly.
  • The recent 18th edition is similarly available and those who are subscribed to
    the 17th edition got 30 days free subscription and their 17th edition is still
    online! for these links see the At A Glance link on the left.
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