Brilliant easy to use interface from Unbound Medicine has made this
reference a really point-of-care quick reference guide.

Each topic is cross linked with the other contents of the
PCO via an intelligent right upper opposing arrows icon.

No external reference is missed as they are all appropriately
linked out to external AAP and non AAP online resources
that will open up in the default browser.

Signs and symptoms index reflects the awareness of the
need of today's busy pediatricians to quick access to
reliable evidence based pediatric content.
PCO: Point-of-care Quick Reference
Last Reviewed on October 24, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews

  • This is the ultimate quick PDA reference tool provided from the AAP as part of
    the Pediatric Care Online PDA and web resource.
  • Designed and written with the busy pediatrician in mind allowing fast access
    to authoritative clinical content and guidance.
  • Based on the AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care it represents a summarized
    trusted quick handheld reference that every pediatrician should have
    regardless of the practice setting.
  • Very rich and concentrated contents plus a signs and symptoms quick lookup.
  • For the main program click the yellow link upper left.
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