Clinical Xpert - Diseases
Last Reviewed on April 13, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews
  • This is disease info part of Clinical Xpert.
  • The database is absolutely medical and not pediatric although pediatric
    specific diseases are mentioned like bronchiolitis and febrile seizures but
    there is more info about bronchiolitis obliterans than there is for acute viral
  • The pediatric content is quite scanty even for the general practitioner.
  • Even medical content is not as detailed as expected.
  • The differential diagnosis is quite useful with links to other diseases.
  • The treatment section is also properly linked to the Drug database.
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Clinical Xpert - Diseases
The index page as seen on
the left allows searching the
database and each disease has
Definition, Medical history, Tests
(unfortunately not linked to
Lab Advisor), DDX, and
Treatment sections.

There is an urgent need to
enhance the pediatric
Clinical Xpert - Diseases
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