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  • A useful rheumatology ebook from USBMIS, although written              
    basically for adult physicians it contains significant amount                         
    of pediatric rheumatology.
  • In a nutshell this program is really useful for pediatricians                        
    working in rheumatology and general units.
  • This review is also categorized in the References & Ebooks category.
Thompson Rheumatology
Thompson Rheumatology
The home page (See left)
includes shortcuts to all
functions of the program
plus rapid index
at the bottom
to the disease database
and right screenshot
shows an example of looking up
idiopathic arthritis.
As with other USBMIS
applications the
upper half is an explorer
of the outlines and
the lower half is the detailed
notes of the selected
heading as shown
here (See right)
The halves ratio can be adjusted.
Thompson Rheumatology Disease Database
Differential Diagnosis
Disease Criteria
Review Pages of Different Features
The Thompson Rheumatology ebook
includes some other cool features that
can be categorized elsewhere
Click on the links shown here to see
reviews of these features
Last Reviewed on October 14, 2006
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