The Harriet Lane is just like a
collection of notes taken by a smart
pediatric resident where practical
information that matters most at the
bedside is presented in an easy
to navigate user interface.

There's a wonderful list of useful websites
and a list of definitions that we need to
understand in addition to highly organized
list of graphs and tables.

Cross linked to other
Skyscape references
and includes very useful tables, boxes,
and algorithms that guide us
appropriately at the bedside.
Harriet Lane - Skyscape - Statistics
Last Reviewed on January 2, 2008

  • The new Harriet Lane from Skyscape includes a simple and easy to
    understand statistics and epidemiology information.
  • As a pediatric resident or as a beginner in research this piece of knowledge
    proves invaluable.
  • The details needs a little more depth to make this section complete.
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