This is a great piece of work where over 1400 chemical
compounds are detailed with over 55 fields of information
and cross linked to the other parts of the
Pediatric Lexi Suite.

The new household products database is an excellent resource for
pediatricians as these exposures and ingestions are quite
common in pediatric practice. This database as shown on the
screenshots delivers a very detailed information
and includes every little household product that
we can ever think of.

Also some general information about the management
of poisoning in children need to be added.
Lexi-Poisong & Toxicology
Last Reviewed on February 17, 2009

  • Being the operator of an updated drug database Lexi was able to add a fully
    comprehensive and detailed poisoning and toxicology reference.
  • The database included arguably is the largest toxicology reference ever
    available for the PDA.
  • Each compound is detailed with names, mechanism of action and toxic action,
    toxodynamics, reference ranges, antidotes, dx and rx and much more.
  • Not only you can search by names but even by CAS number!
  • This is a reference that proves really valuable in pediatric practice [where
    poisoning is quite common] and for both strange and rare [never heard of]
    chemicals and commonly encountered household items.
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