Dynamed - Vaccinations
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Dynamed - Vaccinations
Dynamed - Vaccinations
Last Reviewed on May 21, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews
  • Although this is a single topic in Dynamed and not a section but it is one of
    the most complete vaccines references available not only on the PDA but
    perhaps online and on paper!
  • If there is a topic that really needs updates and guidelines then it is
    Vaccinations and that's the game of Dynamed that they really play very well.
  • All the latest updates from CDC, AAP, and ACIP with links to their online
    contents and schedule charts.
  • Vaccinations schedules recommendations are available for this year and
    archives dating back to 1998 and even the Canadian schedule!
  • Ever wondered where those arguments about autism risk and
    intussusception came from, find it in this great Dynamed topic.
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