pediatric pda application in clinical practice pediatricians find categorized reviews of handheld software and programs that are useful in bedside pediatrics this webpage is about vaccines utility available from kidometer
  • This is a chapter of the Kidometer program.
  • Just as with other chapters of this lovely program the Vaccines                       
    chapter provides detailed reminders for each child age of                                  
    what is scheduled specific for the age.
  • The disappointment comes from the lack of updates as                                  
    Kidometer Vaccines still depends on the ACIP 2003                                
    recommendations while currently we have several changes to the                
    schedule like the recommendation for the meningococcal and pertussis vaccines
    to adolescents.
Kidometer (vaccines)
The lovely age
customization of
Kidometer is
applied here as well  
Even some
unusual immunizations
Palvizumab are
also included (See Left).
The references are
mentioned in the
info page (See Right).
Kidometer / Vaccines
Last Reviewed on November 30, 2006
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