pediatric pda application in clinical practice pediatricians find categorized reviews of handheld software and programs that are useful in bedside pediatrics the lancet journal accessed wirelessly on the small PDA screen
The Lancet Wireless
The home page
(See Left) contains links
to all available contents
of the latest issues
listed in categories.
Tapping on these
will reveal the number
of articles under that
category and tapping on
these article will reveal the
full text or summery (See Right).
We wished to have pictures and
further colors and animations but this
would have definitely slowed
down the connection.
There is a link to
the front page in all the pages
of the journal.
The Lancet Wireless
The Lancet
Last Reviewed on August 4, 2007
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  • The Lancet founded in 1823, the famous respectable medical journal is right
    here on our PDA screens!
  • The great news is that the journal is available for six months free trial in
    summaries and full text! check this Blog Post!
  • The service is provided by Round Point which recommends installation of
    their subscription manager.
  • But what we review here is the mobile friendly site of The Lancet which can
    be easily navigated throughout the pages of the journal.
  • The review is also categorized in the Pediatric Journals category.
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