Merck Medicus Wireless
Just log on (free registration)
and all the Merck Medicus is
yours in a wonderful simple
mobile website that is properly
cross linked.

The Medline search facility is
excellent with classical and
clinical search versions.
Merck Medicus Wireless
Merck Medicus - Mobile Site
Last Reviewed on February 24, 2008
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  • The Merck Medicus with its wonderful books and services is available online
    for the small PDA screen.
  • Of course it does not have the features that the original online application
    ( has BUT it has all the features of the PDA version.
  • Looking at Harrison's practice, Reuters Medical News, Merck Manual, RSS
    Feeds, Medline journals search, and The Pocket Guide of Diagnostic Tests all
    combined in one easy to use free mobile site puts this online application at
    the top.
  • The question here should we install the PDA version or should we just log on
    to the website when needed? The answer is, better to install the PDA
    application because this is going to minimize the phone charges and it is
    faster to launch the pages BUT in case your device crashed for any reason
    then you just log on to the website with any device even if it is Nokia!
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