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NEJM wireless
The home page shows the online first
articles and link for individual
subscribers to sign in.
A search function (quick and
advanced) is there and is functioning
Archives can be looked up from 1996
till now and table of contents
elegantly presented.
For each article we can view the
abstract or the full text and we can
even request to send us a pdf version
to our email! SEE LEFT
NEJM Wireless
The New England Journal of Medicine
Last Reviewed on September 24, 2007
  • is recognized for its really simple website design and lack of confusing
    complications, so what do you expect from !
  • The website is straight forward with minimal ads and includes all the texts which
    can be seen in the regular website with no omissions.
  • Even pictures are included in a small format "that can be enlarged" to help in
    keeping the browsing with limited KB size to avoid slow connections and
    unpleasant phone bills.
  • Some features such as podcasts and videos are not there obviously because of
    the currently limited device data transfer capability.
  • To learn about the downloadable files Read this review.
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