This example shows screenshots of the website as
logged in via Windows Mobile 240x320 small screen
and through WiFi connection.

The pages load fairly quickly and navigation is smooth
and back to home page link is always there.

The clinical calculators section is not an actual out-of-the-box
set of calculators but rather a collection of links to
online resources such as
Bilitool, similarly the Forms and Tools,
Algorithms, and Patients Handouts point to linked web pages, Jpeg
Pictures, and PDF documents and so these sections are probably
better accessed from a desktop rather than a PDA.

However PDF documents can be saved and printed
out from a nearby wireless or bluetooth printer or just
print them out later when we synchronize with a desktop!
Pediatric Care Online - Wireless
Last Reviewed on October 27, 2008
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Pda4peds Reviews

  • One of the most reliable and most extensive wireless resources ever
    available for the pediatrician.
  • Complete access to all PCO resources.
  • Has got some extra features which are not available in PCO PDA version such
    as the Visual Library, The AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care, Clinical Calculators,
    Forms and Tools, and Patients Handouts.
  • Incredible external linking to AAP publications and policies, PubMed articles,
    CDC website, PDF documents and more.
  • Images and Tables adequately fitting into the PDA screen.
  • This is a must have wireless website subscription for every pediatrician in any
    practice setting.
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