This is an exact copy of the native
Pepid application we used to see on
Palm and Windows Mobile.

The wireless website is stable with no
freezes or crashes experienced and
most importantly pages load really
fast on WiFi or 3G connection.

The mobile version is not missing on any
of the features that are available
on the native application.
Pepid Mobile on Windows Mobile
Last Reviewed on September 25, 2008

  • One of the best ER all-in-one mobile websites that can be accessed by any
    PDA or phone with internet browsing capability.
  • It doesn't matter whether you use your Windows IE Mobile or your iPod
    Touch Safari you can log in to Pepid Mobile and enjoy a number of resources.
  • Just point your phone browser to and you'll be there.
  • Carefully written pediatric life support measures, pediatric topics, neonatal
    dosages, drug interactions, and calculators to mention some of the wonderful
    tools included in the package.
  • The graphics and illustrations included are crisp clear and implies a sense of
    real desktop experience.
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